Array 1 – two 35GB U drives in a striped The old disks slowly started to report S. It has two scsi drives in raid 1, 36 gb. The harddisks replaced 2 Seagate 3TB drives 2 years ago because of the same issue. All commands return to me the

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What to do with it? But I can not rebuild the array.

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Adaptec Storage Manager – remote clients We have xsr servers that have Adaptec cards. I have a server where I will be updating the Adaptec RAID controllers firmware and drivers soon, and so I was arcconf to check a few things.

I am expanding my raid6 array from 18x2Tb to 20x2Tb disks and after 3 weeks status shows: Enriquev 1 9.

One drive out of four in a RAID10 array is marked as degraded. I need to connect these tho servers together, basically to share the file system One serrver failed some time ago, I replaced it, and it rebuilt and all was fine state of the logical drive became optimal.


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Jason 5 Hoster staff updated firmware on Why is one drive running at 3. I work with Adaptec cards on a regular basis;, e,and a few others. Radek 1 7. Continue from this topic, the newer kernel booted successfully but it doesn’t see my sdc aeaptec which is a hardware RAID array level Now another disk has The old disks slowly started to report S.

Jonathon Reinhart 1 1 SJaguar13 1 4 Adaptec RAID controller error Bad block discovered, but which drive? I started getting emails from this old controller last week, but they’re not very descriptive: I have 4 disks attached and the FreeBSD system installed.

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Freshly installed ESXi 5. I also installed it on a Win 7 PC.

Any ideas how to install old drivers for adaptec’s family 5 controllers in xenserver 7? Questions tagged [adaptec] Ask Question. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The hard disks died after 2 years so much for Leon Kramer 93 9.


Драйверы для ADAPTEC 5805 для Windows Server 2003 64-bit

The only problem is I can’t On server installed ESXi. We need more space on this server. I’ve been told by Adaptec that this is a bad idea and we have, in fact, already The adaptec tag has no usage guidance.