Despite innumerable messages on Aigo’s helpsite, innumerable telephone calls to a useless helpline that cut me off, a complaint registered with BBC’s watchdog, downloading Microsofts MTP Porting kit all to no avail I’d had enough. In the end I worked out the fact for myself that play order was based on the ID3v2 title tag. Meanwhile I have entered the album name on the hardest to reach albums in the Genre field and can access those albums by scrolling through the Genres. Now to the fun part – it plays tracks in alphabetical order of ID3v2 title Seems a pain in the proverbial but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar and knows an easier solution? I can only hope my complaints to BBC’s Watchdog show don’t go unnoticed and that Aigo get their backsides kicked. Try connecting it to the computer then.

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If you feel the same as me then I’d bet the features in the title sound appealing; The device itself is coloured silver and is very small.

Aigo A has a hour battery life!- Technology News, Firstpost

I think we are stuck with it until they come up with a software update to download if this is possible. The aigo A manual only tells you of its abilities.

Don’t show me this message again. We’ll contact you shortly. Oh no I thought, a lemon I am still trying to get a response from someone at Aigo. Sadly my own requests for assistance to Aigo went unanswered too. Thanks for all your input though guys and good luck!


Select option to sync using windows media player and Windows will detect the device. There seems to be a limit to the number of tracks it recognises probably even though there was space for more.

LCD screen which displays the name of the tracks and artists while playing, 6 preset equalizers, and the capability to store any type of data. Finally got rid of it. You have been loggedin via facebook. It would appear the Aigo are trying to quietly ignore this problem and hope it goes away.

Notify me when there is a new review. Displays name of track and artist whilst playing. One can only but assume they are inundated with similar complaints. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


So I started again, getting rid of tracks that I wouldn’t play very often to get all the stuff I definitely wanted on the damned thing. Amazingly I was about to say a25 there was nothing on the Aigo website about this player’s problems, but I go to the site to double-check this morning and what do I see? Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB.

Upload menu files with. Drag tunes to the sync list and sort files as required, then sync to device. With regard to the playing order, I thought all mp3 players used the track number tag as the playing order for playing an album, so noone is wasting their algo ensuring the tags are correct.


Keeping moving through the list of albums and changing direction has no effect it still times out and you have to start again. Digital Audio player The Aigo A player is characterized by excellent design and technical features, including.

Aigo A215 User Manual

I too bought a 4gb from Tesco. There wasn’t much on it other than database type files, but guess what – as soon as I installed the 98SE drivers and connected it, suddenly it would start up properly and let me into the device settings. Digital Audio Player LCD screen which displays the name of the tracks and artists while playing, 6 preset equalizers, and the capability to store any type of data. Upload Menus Upload menu files with.

Also as far as I am aware due to the problems with the Aigo Tescos are accepting returns regardless of whether you have the reciept or not. The time now is Other features include a cool.

As I stated before, Tescos have withdrawn them from sale due to the number of problems associated with the thing.