Note, however, that its chassis is actually built quite differently from the VivoBook SCM despite the similarity in name. The BIOS battery could be exchanged. Gaming performance is as expected from the integrated graphics. Intel HD Graphics , Core: Computer Shopper With the VivoBook SCA, Asus maintains its rep for offering mid- to high-end notebooks for mid- to low-end prices and supporting them well.

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Review Asus VivoBook SCA-CJH Ultrabook – Reviews

There is no maintenance cover. However, the picture dims slightly. For more information and benchmarks on the HDsee our dedicated page here. Though Ultrabooks in this price range do not always carry this luxury, the less expensive Asus QA surprised us with a keyboard aaus as standard. Asus does not offer any other screen models.

The battery has a capacity of 44 Wh. Limited warranty – 2 years Accidental damage coverage – 1 year.

The processor is soldered to the motherboard. Like the recently reviewed Asus QAthe SCA offers a very sleek profile and a reasonable build quality that is hard to come by for the given price range. The Pavilion surpasses two hours with 2: Rate and comment on specific criteria. Memory operations per second.

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Review Asus VivoBook SCA-DS51T Ultrabook – Reviews

Keys also feel quite thin and plastic, but should suffice for most home users. A few of the drives do receive a boost from the associated SSD cache, but dedicated SSDs will handily beat out hybrid drives in terms of responsiveness and providing a seamless user experience.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2. Tweaktown Now, I know I’ve badmouthed the ASUS SC quite a bit above, but the fact still remains that it posted decent battery life times, performance numbers, and the price can’t really be beat, especially when you consider that it has a touch screen. Those with tighter budgets can opt for the less expensive Asus QA, another excellent alternative for indoor use if touchscreen functionality is not a priority.

Treble is not overemphasized to avoid the hollow quality typical of budget notebooks, but bass assus of course still unimpressive to those accustomed to larger dedicated speakers. Chassis is more or less similar to its inch, Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: Though in practice, we had no productivity issues with the surface temperature differences of the SCA.

The keys feature a short drop. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. The sturdiness of the base units in both Asus s50 is equal.


Outdoor usability proves to be difficult due to the glossy display and inadequate backlighting for sunny or overcast conditions. The Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews. Replacing the hard disk is no problem either. The VivoBook’s screen compels with its good contrast but only achieves a low brightness at the same time. Compared to other Outside of these items, the notebook has no proprietary docking support for specialized extensions.

ASUS VivoBook S500 / S550 Windows 8 laptops now on sale for $699 and up

Our test reveals whether the VivoBook is worth recommending. A significant issue is also the price. The flat plastic touchpad is yet again identical in both size This is accomplished by removing all screws from the bottom.

The power supply weighs almost grams With that said, the touchscreen does not disappoint and works as intended as a supplementary input method alongside the keyboard and touchpad.