Such openings include excessively wide cabinet ventilation slots and improperly fitted covers and drawers. Be sure to remove it prior to applying power-this is an Electric shock precaution. SRP F Whether you have a lot of money, or just enough to take care of yourself, you don’t want someone to Plug the power cord into the SMPS on the printer. Consequently, messing around with cables is avoided which is ideal at space-limited POS terminals or highly frequented cash desks. Print Characteristics Print Speed: An insulation tube or tape is sometime used.

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This new thermal receipt printer offers high speed The internal wiring is sometimes clamped to prevent contact with thermally hot components. FeatureOil, water, dust proofHigh-quality thermal printer bicolon design for kitchen condition Flexi If the printer does not function properly, contact your dealer The self-test checks the following: Be sure that all of the built-in protective devices are replaced.

Make sure paper roll ahs been installed properly. Check whether the motor runs smoothly without rsp-150.


The host can not receive a data. Over the years, Accent business philosophy of quality, service, and value have made the company one of the Macedonian top computer companies.

Bixolon SRP – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Refer to the Operation Manual. Press push button A to release the cover lock. Plug USB cable connector into the connector on the printer. Alternatively, wear a discharging wrist-strap device. Low-speed recommends, but does drp-150 require the use of a cable with twisted signaling conductors. Ground Ground This signal indicates whether the printer is busy. The total number of service personal including the authorized service centers is more than An insulation tube or tape is sometime used.

This facilitates end user cable replacement. Be sure to wait for about 10 minutes after turning printer power off before bixolonn the cleaning.

New Oji Paper Mfg, Co. Motions such as brushing clothes together, or lifting a foot from a carpeted floor can generate enough static electricity to damaged an ESD.

Accent is specialized in providing total turnkey solutions for the local market. The head and motor areas are very hot during and immediately after printing. Turn off the printer power before cleaning.


First read the Safety Precaution section of this manual. Never alter or add to the mechanical or electrical design of the ECR. After removing an ESD-equipped assembly, place it on a conductive surface such as aluminum foil to prevent accumulation of electrostatic charge.

BIXOLON SRP-150 Service Manual: Troubleshooting; Power Problem

The power circuit supplies the three differential DC voltage sources. The physical difference in the Series A and B connectors insures proper end user connectivity. Product Specifications Appearance Printer Dimensions mm Open the cover printer and remove the used paper roll core if there is one.

Logic IC Driving Voltage: Do not change the spacing between components and the printed circuit board.

The host is the same. Minimize body motions when handling unpacked replacement ESDs. Turn on the printer, while holding down the FEED button.