Out of this maximum, only one wireless outdoor sensor or wireless humidity sensor can be connected. Remote Car Finder Forgot where you parked? There have also been class action lawsuits in the past for the way Hyundai bills Blue Link. A three-month trial for Connected Care, Remote and Guidance is available when you enroll credit card required. No fix for this.

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Please let me know if this helps.

When I tested the Hyundai Elantra, there was a time delay for remote start. If there are not enough wires coming out of the wall at the thermostat, you can install the Share-a-Wire module at the bluelin, which will allow a common connection using a standard 4-wire installation.

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If wireless communication between the thermostat and a wireless remote sensor is lost a COMM LOSS message will appear in the thermostat display along with the device that has lost communication: If your Hyundai is equipped with Blue Link, you can enroll at any time. Enter your ZIP Code so as you shop, information like special offers, vehicle inventory and dealers are personalized for your local area. You can create one inclusive boundary the vehicle must not leave, and five exclusive boundaries the vehicle must not enter.

Blue Link functionality varies based on the type of vehicle, as well as the type of radio the vehicle is equipped with. In order to be able to post messages on the Hyundai Forums: There is no exact formula for how far away from the thermostat you can mount a wireless remote sensor.


I set up an inclusive alert around a local high school. Hyundai Motor Company Vehicle telematics.

You may ask them why new car owners get it for 3 years and you have pay by year. No way around that according to the customer service rep I spoke to. Sometimes when I have a weak signal it tells me something about reviewing my car’s package usually happens when it can’t bluelnik and other times it fails even though Bulelink can log in. I talked to one woman Melissa that was great, I actually wished I would have got one of the others that Intalked to in prior calls.

Wi-Fi FAQ | BlueLink

Blue Link is an embedded system, which means that you will be able to use most of the features without the need to have your cell phone in the car. The BL folks seem to be totally unable to troubleshoot effectively.

In order for you to use a Blue Link app, you must already have Hyundai Blue Link services which comes with the vehicle free for a trial period see details below. Mine works fine on either wifi or 4g. Articles with a promotional tone from October All articles with a promotional tone All articles with buelink statements Articles with unsourced statements from October I also start it when on 4G from bluelimk or other places.

Connect with your car like never before with Hyundai Blue Link.®

Hyundai Blue Link is one of the top app and web products from a vehicle manufacturer because not only does it offer smartphone connectivity iPhone and Android but smartwatch connections through Android Wear and Apple Watch. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. In areas where there were weak signals, it took the longest. Locate your stolen car sooner. I have a Hyundai sonata limited and everything works on my blue link app but my remote start does not work and it is pissing me off that Hyundai corp or any of the offices can tell me what is wrong and is trying to tell me my car does not come with it but I know it does.


Review: Why you’ll want Hyundai Blue Link Connected Car Remote Services with Alerts

The outdoor temperature will display for a few seconds. The indoor humidity level will display for a few seconds. I immediately cancelled the service and have no intention of trying to reactivate.

A maximum of four BlueLink wireless remote sensors can be connected. As a courtesy, blyelink will receive a timely reminder before your credit card is charged with the current Blue Link subscription rate. OnStar includes remote features without alerts for five years for free.

She was detached and ready for a fight and offered me no customer consideration.