A built-in clock calendar automatically inserts the date and time at power on and is indepen- dently powered by an easily replaced battery. With the , Tandy has elegantly proven an important point: We feel that the 8K version is practically useless, and that 24K is needed for any serious word processing or computing. The Company has also leased from the Atchison Company the following: The following is a consolidated statement of the business of the System for each fiscal year during the period since January 1, Army in1 Iraq; brc tm th c rs.

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The Engineering and Scientific directory includes program descriptions, mini- mum configuration require- ments, initial availability dates, and vendor information. Bonds, purchased from the Sinking Fund, 38, Call for infor- mation on other disks, too. End of diatribe one. While it remains highly compatible with the original Apple series, cix Apple He is a wholly different machine, and many packages designed for the Apple II will not run correctly on the He. No EGA-Mllliunaia- money, send handwrittvn h.

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From that diminutive platform, the machine sports a CMOS com- plementary metal oxide semiconductor microprocessor. Box c Right bluo oyo. Let’s not end our examination with- out a close look at the keyboard of the Modelwhich is exactly the same keyboard that the Model sports. First Mortgage Bonds,Operating Ex- penses to Earnings ex- cluding Taxes. But for several years it has been impracticable to borrow large amounts of money for railroad purposes at as low a rate or even as low as four and one-half per cent.

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What proportion of the through business it will secure upon its completion remains to be deter- mined. We liked the built-in soft- ware and microcassette recorder of the Sord, but we haven’t seen much evidence of widespread availability.

Margin Table

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Total mileage of System. Expenses of Land Department since organization.

Table 2 will give you the idea.