Finally, all games were tested with the SD-M and worked, therefore no game requires a specific model of optical drive. Fantastic work, shitty game. Self test doesn’t get much farther yet. Marsaud, King Hanco, Sonic, B. Remove quickload, may be handled differently later [O.

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Manual DR700

You’ve probably forgotten to include parentheses. Reorganize LPC tables to use defines rather than repeating identical data. Most of colours are completly wrong MooglyGuy – While we are at it, I would have never dared before but since this bug has been there forever, could you take a look at Super Volleyball?

Zoids Infinity Ex Plus In our lab, theory and practice are combined: Operation Thunderstorm Japan Resale Ver. XaviX work new softlist entries etc.

MESS 求档来了 先谢! – 『 ROM交流区 』 – 琵琶行论坛 – Powered by Discuz!

Caruma framing and parity errors and include them in the receive FIFO; improve handling of interrupts and status register writes by AJR. Hash objects can now deal with arbitrary hash width.


In addition, compressed row format improves L1 usage. Now models support recursive models, e. Aligned builtin device identification with parser device identification. Make the align declarations gcc-compatible [O.

Remove support for decrypted bases, use an address space instead [O. New filters have been added so you can turn it into arcade-only, MESS-only, or both at any time.

MAMEWorld News

Casino 10 poker needs the watchdog implemented to work properly. Before proceeding with the emulation a couple of things in MAME needed tidying up.

FMecha [ArtLine] June 18, Z and X-Men Vs. I must mention GollyGhost as another game supported by MAME that involves mechanical parts a diorama of a haunted darjma and that would be really cool to see with a 3D layout system.

Remove quickload, may be handled differently later [O. Added Gauntlet Legends boot rom v1.

New improvements usually are first developed at: Added quiet flag to nltool. Stop crashing after saving to a disk image loaded from a software list. Keyboard matrix is done, keyboard reading should work in theory. Many many thanks to motoschifo and adolfo CN3 – 40 pin connector with perpendicular adapter board plugged into main board to connector J Gorgeous girls at Luca’s Place: Minor enhancements and bugfixes.


More work based on schematic.

Felipe Sanches [MESS]

Gorilla sound now works. Correct one misnamed undumped rom on the GPO board. Redumped firmware ROM, now passes checksum test.