They have to match what is in the file on your DLS software. Jim Rojas Contact options for registered users posted on August 3, , 2: Are you connecting via the MD12 over that same short distance or are you calling in from a remote or far away location and now having trouble? This happens with either of two different MD12 modems that I have, so I doubt it is a defective modem. The panel picks up, says waiting for connection and then seems to time-out saying panel could not be identified.

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Back in the day of forever warranty it wasn’t as much of an issue to swap, but replacing a panel just because it won’t upload or download becomes its own issue when trying to charge the mc12. Thanks for your help! Items marked with a padlock can only be accessed by registered installers. Which leads me to think that it is a software issue.

Click “Browse” next to this and select the DLS folder. This is all fine and good except for those panels that can only be downloaded via DLS3 and the MD12 i.


Now you should be able to dial without any issues. To the other question, I’ve typically use the double call. When you get to the screen that asks you to confirm the destination folder, you will note that C: Clearly that isn’t happening. That could be it.

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December 20, DSC tech support’s only suggestion is to make sure we have the latest drivers for the DSL software, but can’t offer any real assistance past that point. Jim Rojas Tower Security wrote: I use a generic internal fax modem without any problems. The modems tones changing and then reach some constant note and then the speaker cuts off.

Buggs, Aug 2, I know that the MD12 uses a rather low baud rate. Your destination folder will now read C: Yes to DSL on line. Interestingly enough if I have a tech on-site initiate a download it typically works fine.

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Mmd12 you have any problems installing DLS V, please contact us. As you probably know, typically when two modems connect and you have speaker turned onyou will hear the devices “sync”.

I’ve tried every setting I can think of in DLS, and am a little frustrated. I’ll test this by dialing out on a non-DSL line to a panel without call-back enabled.

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In most instances, the panel will answer but the software gives the message “cannot identify panel”. I tossed the MD12 a while ago. It will work fine after that. This even happens to panels I have successfully downloaded in the past. Please note that in some individual drivers cases, you might get an error message stating “you must install DLS3 v1. The issue is that the modem is looking for a specific telecommunications line voltage when the modem is attempting to connect to a panel.

To assist, DSC have tested a number of models as follows results can vary depending on your computers configuration: Perhaps someone that knows a lot more about MD12’s will lend a hand here. Logged esve Gold Member Posts: Roland More Contact options for registered users posted on August 8,2: Jim Rojas Contact options for registered users posted fsc August 8,1: Buggs Contact options for registered users posted on August 9,2: