Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! Picture is very good as almost what you would get with Cable TV. Login or create an account to post a review. Despite having a very powerful system, I still get some dropped frames? Was this review helpful? Official releases are placed on DScaler’s site, on the download page From time to time the developers release alpha test versions, these version are often unstable but will have all the latest features. How can I help?

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From time to time the developers release alpha test dcaler, these version are often unstable but will have all the latest features. Also the color depth, frequency and size of the desktop might be related. However, some users ahve reported that they are able to use their PCI card successfully and without dropped frames.

This article has multiple issues. But they do tell you this on their web site, that the main focus is dsczler the picture. Details about the calibration feature can be found here. Each bug report should include the hardware you’re using, especially video card, grab card and processor type and speed.


Dscaler MPEG Filters Alpha Free Download – VideoHelp

Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want! Cons I can’t get it to change channels.

It works only on bit Windows. The calibration is a procedure using test patterns which allows to find the best video settings for the capture card. It is impossible to do on a PCI video card.

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An svideo connection is also quite common, allowing you to switch easily from 2 or 3 sources. What is so special about DScaler?

Apr 17, Version: How to apply color correction using the Gradie DScaler is a piece of software that grabs analog, interlaced video, and deinterlaces it to make it a progressive scan feed, then allows scaling to any resolution for use on your computer monitor or projector. DScaler performs a variety of functions: Post 1 by sernaix. Oct 5, Version: It takes little CPU load.

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Among them was John Adcock. What is this “purple stripes” issue? Not currently although it is a work in progress. It works only on bit Mac OS. The dscaleg quality resulting from those complex operations is high and allows some people equipped with data capable projectors to feed them with progressive scan images.

Supporting others chipsets, while feasable, means some hard work and some solid knowledge of those chipsets. Hardware issues Can I use any vga card as a display device?

It works on bit and bit Windows. You can tweak some parameters linked to this process to get a digital image as close as possible as the original.

What is DScaler?

You can put some filters in with this and watch a perfectly clear picture. Introduction What is DScaler? Snapstream PVS is another comparable product.

Post 5 by kjdixo.