Numerals can be input with decimal points. A tool life is set for each tool group by time or use count. Further, specifies the cutting depth by address R. In the rigid tapping however, position control is also performed during the rotation of spindle, that is, the rotation of spindle and feed of drilling axis are controlled as linear interpolation of two axes. Setting of parameter No. During constant surface speed control, a speed command is output so that it matches the spindle speed reached after constant surface speed control. When Q and a sequence number are omitted, the beginning of the sub program is called.

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Results in measurement is output using custom macro. Counter Input in a Workpiece Coordinate System. Note 2 X, I, J and K commands are all incremental commands.

N G90 G00 X Threading starts when the one-revolution signal from the position coder attached to the spindle is detected. Compensation for the Z axis is tool length compensation A. This signal is used to set the workpiece coordinate system shift, calculated by subtracting the tool geometry compensation value shift of coordinate system due to tool geometry compensation from the current machine coordinate distance between the end face of the workpiece and the tip of the measurement tool when it is at the machine reference position machine zero point.

Immediately after switching on the power, do not touch any of the keys on the MDI panel until the position display or alarm screen appears on the CNC unit. Coordinate system setting If a coordinate system is established incorrectly, the machine may behave unexpectedly as a result of the program issuing an otherwise valid move command.


Z 16 points DI for read only Z 48 points DO for output only Z Tool offset amount, workpiece origin offset amount Z Position information actual position, skip position, block end position, etc. However, in this system, the operation is considered to have been completed by a single change of completion signal MFIN. On Thu, Apr 18, at A tool path for rough machining, for example, is determined automatically by giving the data of the finishing work shape. Current set coordinate system with shift amount 0 coordinate system to be modified by shifting z Z O Set the shift amount from O to O in the work coordinate system shift memory.

First the workpiece is cut in the longitudinal or in the cross direction manually. D Move command In manual and automatic operation, a move command for the spindle contour control axis is programmed in the same way as for a servo axis.

D Link WLG122C1 IEEE802.11g Wireless USB Adapter User Manual dwl120v F manual 102103

Make a command as follows for selection of workpiece coordinate system. The spindle positioning function moves the spindle connected to the spindle motor by a given angle so that the workpiece attached to the spindle is positioned at a desired angle. The spindle position is detected by the position corder attached to the spindle. Dwell time g11222 in seconds 0. Check the specification of the machine g122 in doubt. Sub program is called by M98, and M99 commands return from the sub program.

When the attachment is replaced. A parameter is used to specify whether to determine the move direction by the sign of the dwp value or by the move distance the shortest move distance to the end dql is selected. Positioning can be commanded with optional axes other than the drilling axis. A program name can be given to the program to distinguish the program from other programs when displaying all the registered program on a screen. The certain value are the following: A position coder must be mounted on the spindle.


X axis or its parallel axis ZpXp plane selection Yp: Eenvoudige migratie naar hogere bandbreedte Door de compatibiliteit met uw bestaande draadloze netwerkapparatuur te behouden kunt u met deze adapter uw systeem naar een hogere snelheid opwaarderen wanneer u dit nodig acht. Example Let the name of the spindle contour control axis be C. The following table shows backlash amounts according to the feedrate and movement direction.

The offset number is specified with the last dw, or two digits of the T code.

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To move the tool tip to a specified position, compensate the distance between the reference position and the tool tip by using tool length compensation for the M system or tool offset for the T system. Feed rate override cannot be performed to F1-digit feed. As it is controlled so that the spindle synchronism shift occurred when shifting from one block to another is kept to a minimum, special threads like threads which leads or shape change during the cycle can also be cut.

Naast de USB hot-swap en plug-and-play kenmerken biedt de DWL-G u een snelle en g122 verbinding met draadloze apparaten en gebruikers, ongeacht of zij de