Use only PC MHz memory modules. Replace the mouse ball and lock the retaining ring into place. If you forget your password, you must return your notebook to Gateway for service. The Logo Management dialog box opens. Keep away from children. The new folder name appears by the folder icon. Current aviation regulations require wireless devices to be turned off while traveling in an airplane.

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Click to close the Network Connections window. Lift the battery out of the bay.

Internet The condition of the Internet computers to which you connect and the number of users accessing modrm computers The complexity of graphics and multimedia on Web pages Having multiple Web browsers open, performing multiple downloads, and having multiple programs open on your computer www. Add Scheduled Taskthen select the Scheduled Task Wizard option you want to Your computer must be on during scheduled tasks www.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: SOLO USER MANUAL”

These ports are used for connecting peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras to your computer.

Troubleshooting Software support tools Your system may include thefollowing support tool to help you diagnose and fix problems: If the Settings soolo is not available, you cannot customize the screen saver you selected. Before installing memory or replacing the hard drive, follow these guidelines: The modem tateway not work with digital or PBX telephone lines. Disable Radiothen the profile that you have set up for the www.


The Disk Cleanup dialog box opens.

The new track information is displayed in the MusicMatch playlist, music library, and recorder. Selectthen File Select the print options, then click Look in.

This key can also be used in combination with other keys to open utilities like F Search utilityR Run utilityand E Explorer utility. Page 39 Press the left button and hold it down, then use the touchpad to move drag the object to the appropriate part of the screen.

Gateway Solo 9550 User Manual

If x is not an option on the Settings tab, click Advanced, select the Adapter gatewayy, click List all Modes, select x from the list, click OK, then click Apply. Plug an analog VGA monitor into this port. When PhoneTools isopen, itdetectsincomingfaxesand stores them in the In Box. When the battery charge gets low, change the battery or connect to AC power immediately to prevent losing any unsaved work.

Use only PC MHz memory modules. For more information, see “Adjusting the color depth” on page and “Adjusting the screen resolution” on page The battery was shipped to you partially charged. It also protectsyou from losing important information if the hard drive fails or you accidentally delete files.

The Recycle Bin window opens and. File type File usually ends in If you want to change the time before the screen saver is activated, click the up or down arrows next to the Click tab.


Gateway Solo 9500xl

Gateway Web Site Chapter mosem Important m In Windows Me or Windows 98, if Active Desktop is turned on and you have chosen to display Web content, the standard desktop background will be partially or completely hidden, so you may not be able to see changes you have made in the background.

Page 89 Drag the volume level and balance sliders for the device you want to adjust, then close the window. Page 85 Press both buttons at the same gatway to mute the volume. Power connector Plug the AC adapter into this connector.

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Using the EZ Pad touchpad. Release the eject button by pressing the PC Card eject button once. Help and Support For more information on changing power settings, click Start, then select Help and Support. For instructions to turn wireless Ethernet on and off, see “Turning your wireless Ethernet on or off in Windows XP” on page 1 98 and “Turning your wireless Ethernet on or off” on page The System Properties dialog box opens.