Under this environment, you can call your network supplier and ask them to open up the ports as listed on FAQ The first step is to contact your DSL or cable modem supplier to see if they would open up port 80 for you. You can get around to this by installing an DirectX version 9. Please make sure that the first two ports are connected with active video. Sign In Sign Up. What are the recommended modem models to use with GeoVision? You can install these cameras to the GV-net using the following method:

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Please refer to the manual for more detail. When you look into the details of the audio and video drivers, you should get the attached: There are three scenarios for troubleshooting: Use this following link to find out your external IP Address.

We have developed a batch file which, when run, will open up all necessary ports needed for GeoVision Network Options, e.

Cool glad the ipcam went smooth. Check you browser to see if it works OK. Install GeoVision and turn on the computer. Prior to log in, you check with GeoVision on your most current address. Motion detect works immediate and fine.


Hey man thanks for the reply. Just to make sure I was telling you the right thing I added another camera to my bt card, so now I have 2 cameras on it. The software was IQ eyes.

Geovision FAQ

How can I resolve this? What can I do? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sometimes the screen shows an “Error ” message when the software loads but everything seems to be working just fine. What are the recommended modem models to use with GeoVision?

This message is already taken away in version 5. If you are not using either of the above listed browsers, make sure it supports JavaScript or Java.

Please turn off GeoVision application, and turn it bg878 again. I need this information to configure my router. If you can see JPEG videos but not mpeg4 videos, and that you have verified that all necessary ports are opened, please check with FAQ 5. This question is specifically asked by customers in USA. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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FAQ updated on September

What is the problem? What are the ports used by GeoVision servers and software? For example, if you geovisiom to use webcam, you have to open up ports 21, 80, Posted February 28, Windows XP Service Pack 2 comes with added security features.

If you see 4 composite inputs listed then you should have 4 channels available. Please fill out the below form and one of our Security System Expert will contact you by phone or email within bf878 hours or the following business day. When you call from remote, key in the address of your server and append with: Remote 16 Remote 8 Remote 4. After I gwovision it that far setting it up in Blue Iris was fairly easy especially because it was a camera with a default setup.