The rest of this document will show you step-by-step procedure of installing the Eye Toy driver on your Windows XP system. Great, Nice 1 it works. It worked like a charm. Unplug the EyeToy camera from your Windows computer and download the appropriate drivers needed to install your EyeToy camera onto your Windows computer. The resolution is very low. Cool it worked thanks.

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Please keep posts relevant to the PlayStation 2. It’s no wonder that it is so desirable to use it on a desktop or notebook computer.

How to Use The Playstation Eyetoy On Windows | It Still Works

FYI, eyetoy drivers are absolutely fantastico thank you for making this site. Thank how to install namtai eyetoy, i never thought i would be able to do it but i did lol x x x. This nwmtai any games that use the service to authenticate for online play for first and third party servers. It will ask whether it should install the software automatically. The screen shot shows an example of the selection dialog final output.

I how to install namtai eyetoy you’ll can help me through! Man this thing is the illest it has a mic an everything gow love it and it give the best video quality. Please do not submit any posts that could be deemed “an attempt to sell something.


Select install from a list or specified location Advanced. Thanks a lot, you just helped my brother and I, this is a good help for people. Now I actually have a working webcam!

PS2 Namtai eyetoy drivers? : ps2

The wizard will then attempt to find the right software and install it. Bots that do not add anything to the conversation and only serve as clutter how to install namtai eyetoy. Haha ur a legend i tried so many other sites and urs is the best cheers mate. It worked fast and good thanks alot.

Plus it comes with a mic and the image has great definition. Finally I can webcam it up!

Namtai Eyetoy SLEH-00031 / SCEH-0004

That is fine, because we’re about to download the correct EyeToy drivers. Let us know if you get it working — email iplayplaystation. We regularly update the wiki to answer most basic questions.

Windows will pop up a message saying it has found new hardware and does not have the proper drivers to install the hardware. WOW, thats pretty amazing.

Totally easy to install. The wizard will prompt you to finish the installation as shown in the screen shot below. Eyetoy is much better than my own wee cam preinstalled in my Acer laptop lol, I just wish I thought of using EyeToy mamtai my laptop 2 years ago instead of waitin so long. When plugged into a Windows PC, the PlayStation EyeToy can be used to create movies and pictures and to play PC webcam video games, and it will also work with videoconferencing how to install namtai eyetoy such as Skype.



Great guide im using EYEtoy after Webcam froze top stuff thnks. I think this can be quite a nice webcam I would like to use it as a webcam for Skype. Next, you will be prompted with the “Power Frequency Setting” dialog as shown in the screen shot below. It’s hours that i try and How to install namtai eyetoy still haven’t foun a functioning one. First thing to do is to download the driver.

Thanks, it was so easy to do and so quick and it saved me from having to by me a new webcam!!!!! No configuration required VGA resolution support Omnivision OV CMOS chip Microphone included to record short clips which you can save on your memory card Adjusts color space For more information, you how to install namtai eyetoy visit the developer’s site.