Another way to combat the wind but it will give you more spin off the club face which makes it a little harder control. I am a 39 year odl male and know with the extra 20 to 30 yards I keep up with the youngsters. I have broken cracked 3 culb heads so far. The adjustability of this driver is a helpful added feature, but I have found leaving it at zero square works best for me. It looks good and the distance, ball flight and consistency were the best I have experienced. A higher lofted club will always go straighter. Pretty large sweet area.

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On first glance the Cobra L5V is a staggering product, cobrx comes with a bold colour scheme and is obviously drenched with the latest of golfing technologies.

Cobra L5V Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

The best driver yet. It has a large face which gives you confidence. This Driver is very forgiving. Feels light in the hands during swing and consistent, straight hits. Bought this second hand but club looked as new. The MOI is around so it’s pretty forgiving on miss-hits.

Ratings out of 5 Looks: Th cobda only complaint I had was when I moved to New Mexico. Hits long and straight. Travel Bags Shoe Bags.

Helped me birdie a par 4 which for me would have been cobfa immpossible without the extra distance off the tee with the L5V. I started out using a Cobra driver regular flex 8 years and know need stiff to keep my flight as straight as possible. Skip to main content.


If you’ve got a favorite shaft it’s pretty easy to put the adapter on and experiment. Write a Review Rate This Product: I bought the flex shaft which made me fade the ball at the start. Why is this review inappropriate? The Cobra L5V Driver has been coba to produce drives that are longer and straighter than ever, the multi-material Cobra L5V driver not only possesses the largest and most forgiving club face in golf, it also features Cobra’s new Adjustable Flight Technology.

King Cobra L5v 10.5* Driver Cobra Diamana 50 Flex-r Graphite Shaft

When I first hit it there were people ducking for cover as they thought somebody had opened fire. The large club head gives a feeling of confidence at address, had good feel at impact and delivered a consistent, penetrating ball flight with impressive distance from all areas of the face – in fact performance on mishits was so good it seemed the L5V could cope with whatever swing we threw at it!

Light weight with large club face for confident long drives. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

Covra name You must enter your name. At a glance TG Rating 3. Forgiving is very safe to say on this driver and distance is Holy Cow. The L5V has a two piece hosel that screws apart and allows you to change your shaft and adjust your face angle easily.


Cobra L5V Driver Review

The Cobra L5V is available in three different shaft configurations which will help best optimise your ball speed depending on how fast you swing the club. Covra 25 minutes of hitting my first ball I had reduced my backspin dramatically and was hitting long, flat bombs instead of sky high efforts into outer space! Cobra won’t sell extra hosel inserts; this is the only drawback.

The Cobra L5V is a driver that kibg with one hand and takes away with the other. The L5v has some increased technology in the head but it still feels much the same as the Speed LD.

The Mitsubishi Diama na shaft is awesome and inspires confidence for me as a mid to high handicapper. This allows golfers to straighten out their trajectory or have the option to encourage a draw when required.

The driver is also adjustable and you can set it to one of two positions to encourage a straight or cobrra biased ball flight. If you hit it middle or just above center, it takes off, goes forever and runs with it hits the ground.