The stored jobs can be given alphabetical names. Machine Configuration continued I Finisher q Finisher upper tray t Release lever w Staple drive portions e Finisher middle tray r Finisher lower tray y Cartridge holders u Cartridge slide knob q Finisher upper tray ejects copy paper in Non-sort mode. Remove the lock tape from the staple case. ADU that are not affected by the trouble. The key operator can set the copier to shift each of nine density levels into two levels of lighter and three levels of darker for each of the four modes, i. Page 4 Contents Section 3: AMS is automatically se- lected, and tray 1 is selected.

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Touch to return to the Ba- sic Screen. Weekly Timer [9] Weekly Timer The Weekly Timer is a copier management function that shuts down power to the machine on a daily or hourly basis. When scanning in Store mode, however, the machine stops without producing a copied set.

This function sets tray priority, not paper size priority. The lock tape will be pushed out from the cut-off portion of the toner bottle. Inserting Images into Printed Sets Image Insert Use the Image insert mode to combine images scanned from the platen glass, such as photos, paste-ups, ,onica articles, graphs, etc.

Programmed Shut Off Weekly Timer The Weekly timer function manages a copier to be turned on and off at the time specified by the key operator to disable copying during off time. I To Select Copy Density Select manual copy density to adjust exposure den- sity 705 originals are too light or too dark.

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Touch The Application Selection Screen will be restored. Interrupt Copying Use the Interrupt mode to interrupt copying in progress to perform a simple job.

Inserting a New Staple Cartridge continued Return the staple cartridge to its origi- nal position and push in it securely.

Using Non-standard size mode, the ionica will search and copy onto the standard size copy paper that is closest to the original size with no interruption to the copying 7054.

The userset ratios may be changed by the key operator as shown below. Check toner indicator and add toner, if required. Remove the empty toner bottle.

Then, output the combined images as a finished set. Please contact your service centre, if desired. Procedure 1 Touch Copying Non-standard Size Originals non-standard Size Copying Non-Standard Size Originals Non-Standard Size Feeding 705 size originals through the RADF without selecting the Non-standard size mode may cause the copier to stop scanning and mistakenly sense that the size detection sensor has malfunctioned or even cause a paper misfeed.

Help Mode provides two types of Help Screen according to the current screen mode: Tray 2 ; sheets Tray 3 ; 1, sheets Types of paper: Tray 3 See p. A locked job is indicated by a lock icon on the job konlca of the Job Selection Screen. Copying Using Memory This section describes various copying features available on 7405 machine using built- in memory. Automatic and manual 9 steps Magnification ratio: Therefore, if paper size is changed in the tray, the tray will still remain the priority tray.

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Konica Minolta 7045 Instruction Manual

Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual. Printing Stamps Or Watermarks Onto Copies stamp Printing Stamps or Watermarks onto Copies Stamp This function allows you to print onto output copies the desired type of stamp at the location designated on the screen, or of watermark in the centre of the page. Key operator can change the To select Non-sort mode, deselect all the keys. Page of Go. Repeating Selected Image Area Repeat: Recalling Stored Job Settings job Memory: Your service centre 705 contact you to determine the appropriate means for resolving the prob- lem.

Interrupt copying is available when the copier is performing the following operations: Contents Safety Information Section 9: Contact your ser- vice centre to purchase.