Supported Media List Although this could be normal and the ASY value stays within limits, at least for the first layer, this change is related to the high PIsum8 error rates reported at the same positions. Both the 90min and the 99 min audio CD readings produced an error, as you can see in the screenshots above. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. The disc checks the layer switch operation from layer 0 to layer 1 and also includes test pictures and test signals for DVD sound files. E31 means that there were three or more bad symbols at the C1 stage. The drive uses the MT E chipset.

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The results indicate high Radial1 and Radial2 signals, which means that the centre of the pits on a track are not at the same line, in the specific areas. Respectively, E12 means one bad symbol was corrected in the C2 stage and E22 means two bad symbols were corrected in the C2 stage.

DVD-R supported media types: There are skipped samples and the Test Result Score of The higher the Check Level passed, the more reliable the sound reproduction of the tested drive. Discs with higher BLER are likely to produce uncorrectable errors.

Since this is the most general measurement of the quality of a disc, you will find BLER graphs for all media tested. Leave this field blank. The PUH has to move to centre itself and follow the pits. In general, the drive produced average writing quality at high burning speeds with DVDs. In the following table we have gathered together the findings of the DVD quality measurements.

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E21means two bad symbols were corrected in the C1 stage. It effectively measures disc quality by examining the quantity and severity of CIRC errors generated during playback.

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A fine-tuned writing strategy in combination with a high-quality disc could give you satisfactory results. It almost appears as though the drive was just set to burn this MID at 20X without making taking into consideration any required adjustments.

All discs were readable after burning, but the quality varied significantly between the different MIDs, for the same burning speeds. See the full CDSpeed graph photos by clicking on them. So the specific disc has to be burned and measured again. Moser Baer CD – Quality tests 8. The correlation 20w1p the jitter JC and the PiSum8 signals is obvious here although their levels are not very high.

LiteOn LHA1P Specs – CNET

The Liteon drive is slower than the others, supporting up to 32X reading speed with rewritable media. The drive achieved flawless reading with the first 3 tracks.

Reading – 16X The drive is capable of reading at 12X maximum speed for single layer and at 8X for dual layer media. The checking status is shown graphically in real time while you can save the error graph at the end of the test.


Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. However, the disc was readable. DVD-R9 supported media types: The POF error reported at the very last addresses is an issue commonly produced during the writing quality measurements.

At a glance, the basic features of the drive include: The test will be updated soon with the addition of readings of 12x RAM2 lj. DVD-RW supported media types: Also, all the media measured was burned at the maximum available writing speed.


The disc checks the layer switch operation from layer 0 to layer 1 and also includes test pictures and test signals for DVD sound files. However, BLER only tells us how many errors were generated per second, and it does not tell us anything about the severity of those errors.

E32 means that there were three or more 20q1p symbols lj one block at the C2 stage, and therefore this error is not correctable.