Fairly good gaming keyboard and useful for other serious computer users. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Review: Typically, characters will have a rotation of spells that they run through, and having a single key programmed to work the rotation makes things flow more smoothly. The Razer Lycosa is the latest board from Razer and it looks to be a corker. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Review. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. We recommend logging in before writing a review.

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I have always been a logitech fan and always will now. Really i am in need of keyboard Done with all steps: Scroll down for the next article.

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Some settings are limited to the point of bring slightly disappointing. Corsair’s first ever gaming keyboard is a desirable piece of kit – we show you why. What is the Best Gaming Keyboard? About this product Product Information The Logitech G wired keyboard is designed with skilled gamers in mind.

Thanks for the review and contest to win this keyboard. Logitech has long been considered one of the leaders in peripherals for PC gamers. We put the G19 through its paces logitrch find out. Did I mention that the keyboard is big? It spans 21 inches across, and 9. Keep reading to find out.


What a beauty to have!!! I still have an original G15 in perfect working order Love this keyboard. Thanks for a thorough review. Been curious loyitech this for a while now but never took the plunge to buy one. Let’s see how it fares in our hands though The device has 18 programmable keys to give gamers fingertip control over everything from switching weapons loitech accessing in-game menus, and it is easy to link with gaming headsets and mics.

Man atleast one giveaway for me People who bought this also bought. The G19 is the successor to the excellent G15 gaming keyboard and boasts a full-colour LCD screen, a new media key layout and a bunch of new LCD applications.

Logitech’s G mouse and G headset cut the cords, G chops price tag of primo keyboard parts. Logitech’s G gaming keyboard announced. Sounds great for gamers and non gamers alike. There are much cheaper options out there for you.

That being said, like anything else, it is not without flaws; and we will get to those in a bit. Logitech recently release a new “s” line that looks exactly the same and functions exactly the same.


Logitech G Review |

Obviously, the primary purpose for the Logitech G is playing PC games. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve.

Finalize your product rating and submit your review. A dedicated gaming keyboard offers several key features such as macro keys for executing complicated commands, LCD screens with key game data, and extra comfort for extended play sessions. I just bought a Logitech G mouse. One thing we all take for granted is our keyboard. Read our privacy policy.

Before that I had an older version of one og the G series, maybe a 16?