The new sub might have a different rolloff on the very bottom end because the BASH amp doesn’t have the gain circuit in it. That would be awesome if you could get pics and such. This should be used as a coarse adjustment to get adjusted to your system and room, with the individual channel levels in the surround processor making the fine adjustments. PENG 6 minutes ago. While this functions just fine, it isn’t as clean a look as I’d prefer.

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This has a few potential uses depending on the room, system adjustments and listener preferences. The Turbo driver we were selling has surround which was larger than the stock MFW driver. Definitely on my wish list.

I am going to get through this month and then try to go a head and upgrade both of them. This upgrade will also greatly reduce the likelihood of hearing any foul noises from your MFW if a soundtrack pushes the upper performance limits.

AV123 MFW-15 Driver Swap Out

It sounds very good. Your email address will not be published. Submit a new text post. I would recommend using the line inputs or speaker inputs on the amp so that the shaping circuit is in effect it is bypassed with the Deplacement input.

AV MFW Driver Swap Out | Audioholics Home Theater Forums

I can update with pics later. What are the interior dimensions of the box? Sign up here for e-mail notification of Turbo woofer availability. I had purchased 2 of these subs and had them both done in no time.

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings. That was what I was going to do go with a Dayton SA ,but then I figured if I was going to work on my theater I might as well go ahead and upgrade it a little.

MFW-15 Mk2 Amplifier

Many have had luck using wires through to binding posts as a way to grab and pull the amplifier from the cabinet. Unfortunately through the production life, parts quality in the amplifiers were reduced by suppliers to a point where a large majority of customers experienced amplifier failures.

Since this issue arose with these subs it made me reflect on some of the gear I might have lying around. I’m not sure why this happened and Danny thinks that clipping might have been occurring. You are referring to the new amplifier and not the original one aren’t you?

Follow the rules of Reddit, and observe reddiquette. Problem is the quad15 never really took off and there just hasnt been enough interest or demand for the new driver to warent a production run as these are not off the shelf.

I am going to push the two original driver with the SA until I can save some green and then go with the Turbo kits. I just took ownership last night. This procedure is for version 2 amps from AVS Mark Seaton Junior Audioholic Jul 5, This tilt was also by design, a very nice contour to apply to the result of an Audyssey calibration which might sound a little lean and lacking the fun factor many are after in their home theater.

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There is definitely a big improvement in sound quality and low frequency headroom while being much more tolerant to pushing the volume. I’ll replacemnet it all the way down and have a fire extinguisher at the ready Anything missing from my list? The hardest part of the process is removing the original amplifier.

Repair MFW or build DIY replacement? – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

As for the line replacememt or speaker inputs I currently use the line input. I took it apart and found D1 on the power board had become shorted. Forums New posts Search forums. Best wishes and feel free to PM me for questions. Many features may not work properly without it.