I’ve been trying to get my V3 working, and nothing works. This is exactly what I did sudo aptitude install libqt3-mt-dev zlib1g-dev libusb-dev svn co https: Clicking on “Switch to P2K” 6. There are particular operating systems known to have problems with Motorola A41x V32x: Now compile the source. Please try later [info] Found files Complete???

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Motorola A41x/V32x Drivers

Operation not supported Nautilus-Share-Message: Getting file mmotorola [info] Found drives: Unable to open device and error: If anyone can help I’d be very grateful.

I think they do this to avoid service calls.

Now the the phone says that I don’t have any MIDlet suites installed, but the programs are taking some of the drivespace. I didn’t get rid of the QSettings error, thats why I had to manually edit the file: It says “Permission denied” A441x tried chmod, but can only change file permissions, not folders. I am using a razr v3i it connects automaticaly and loads my files into the file manager.

Any way easy or not? I have to specify “qmake -project” then “qmake -makefile” then do “qmake”. Good to see it worked for someone too. What am I doing wrong?


Unable to set configuration Error: My phone is a sprint red motorola razor and I am using a regular digital camera USB cable.

Oh yeah, here’s my terminal output if that helps any: Here is the list of ‘officially’ supported models moto phones not listed here may also work, try it out: It may work with old versions. I have looked at most of the post and over the internet and still can not get my L6 to connect. Find your cell phone’s AT IDs from the list.

The phone is L6. My phone is from verizon as well. I can see my file list when I run sudo p2ktest, and thus I’ve motroola to run sudo moto4lin but the terminal still spits this out when I attempt to connect to the phone: You don’t need to update motodola, but you do need to have it running while you do the next steps. If anyone figures how to run moto4lin without root privileges and still be able to access in P2K, do share.

motorola a41x v32x driver software Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

I just tried these instructions, but failed on the cvs steps: It does not seem to actually check. Your computing experience will get better, trust me! To see my files I had to click on Update List button. I think I uxb tried every permutation and combination of varying installation instructions across many threads and websites As if to taunt me.


Motorola V325i and V323i

Ok, I managed to connect. OK [info] Phone pluged as AT Getting file list [error] Unable to get drive list Complete then it will not motorolaa gain until i restart the program it shows the phone in the file manager but has no access to it i followed this wiki also to no avail im confused. Thanks for the guide, I’ve got my Motorola L6 hooked up and working now.

Still works gerat in Hardy: I deleted the mp3, but it still falls back to the audio menu when I scroll to the end of the list. When I select ‘Switch to P2K’ the messages are the same