Wave an ordinary black-edged Windows mouse pointer around on a white background on the T and it won’t blur much at all. If you run a PC from an uninterruptible power supply UPS , you’re likely to find that the monitor’s degauss circuit draws more power than the UPS can deliver, so if you lose mains power while the monitor’s off or in standby, you can’t turn the screen on without resetting the computer. Save on Monitors Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Blurring, in some conditions, is very obvious. You might be wondering how many bad pixels LCD manufacturers reckon are acceptable, these days.

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And it’ll be a bit dim, too; that’s because the background is blurring onto the pointer, as well as the pointer blurring onto the background. What does DVI mean? Different people detect flicker at different thresholds; 75Hz is fine for some, Hz isn’t enough for a few unfortunates.

The syjcmaster only sharply reflects things that are practically touching it; things at normal viewing distance are extremely fuzzy and noticeable only in extreme cases, provided you’ve set your work area up properly. The contrast ratio’s nothing to write home about, either. Need some help locating your model number? And the T really does have a very good panel indeed.

Compact and light display: SyncMaster 172T

Like practically all LCDs, this one runs from a “lump in a wire” AC adapter, rated for to volt operation. It displays lower-than-stock resolutions fuzzily, scaling the pixels up to fill its screen; this is normal, too.


With its black body, the Samsung T is a stylish addition to any computer system. Personally, I think subpixel rendering just makes small fonts look fuzzy, and I can live without it; your tastes may vary.

To avoid the risk of electric shock make sure your hands are dry before unplugging your monitor from, or plugging All carping aside, though, the T is a good monitor. The amazing T adds flare to any application and fits any environment from corporate, to consumer. It’s not terribly visible even against completely red-less colours, as long as they’re fairly bright.

We’re here to help. Blurring, in some conditions, is very obvious.

The warranty period for Samsung PC monitors is 24 months for consumers and 36 months for businesses. Many more only have a single stuck-off subpixel somewhere inconspicuous. If you don’t change your graphics card, you only have to set each display mode up once.

So six subpixel defects are OK on a by screen. The only real difference seems to be that US customers can get a black version of the T; everywhere else seems to only get the silver model.

Samsung SyncMaster T LCD Monitor Adapter/Charger 14V 3A 42W(AU)

The definition of “on” and “off” becomes confusing, here. For that, you’d need every pixel to be a solid block of the appropriate colour, not a little three-striped composite, and you’d also need to get rid of the subtle dark horizontal lines between pixel rows.

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And their 19 inchers are worth buying, too; I use a DF zamsung my everyday monitor. Monday to Sunday 8am to 10pm. Then I did the same thing with the brightness set to zero.

Packed with the Samsung SyncMaster T LCD Monitor power supply,this lightweight and easy-to-carrry plug adapter proves to be and optimized portable power source wherever you are syncmaater home,in office or on the road. Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. And then, there’s LCD sharpness. Aus PC Market don’t sell this monitor any more, but they’ve got lots of newer options! You just can’t wind this CRT’s brightness down far enough that it doesn’t illuminate its phosphors at all.

For some people, one of these screens would, beyond syncmastdr, be the bee’s knees. Your mileage may vary. If you buy the monitor without looking at it first, then you may face considerable hassle if you get one with a nasty bright dot and want to change it.

Syncmaaster, the T will actually have a go at displaying video with a higher than 75Hz refresh rate, but it’ll get the screen scaling severely wrong.