Our problem now is faxes. I have problem with my sharp printer cold C transfer power out put trouble show me the transfer power out put. Bookmark our site and request a quote from us next time you need a new copier! How do I setup my printer to request a login in for each print. Also on the Sharp to enter new user accounts IT ALWAYS goes back to number 50 and down and to enter such as a new acc 8, we have to back select previous a number of times to get to acct ranges that include 8 Then as soon as that is saved, it goes back to and again and again we have to then press previous a number of times to get to We went to set up a code that allows only scanning to usb and email. Hi, please, could you tell me if its possible to set up black print with blank user number and color with some user number.

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However sometimes they have to send several jobs at the same time and when they go to the printer they can only select one job at a time and enter the PIN for each one. Our model printer is Sharp MXu. The next step is to create the Users. Now user with color rights can print in color but i want default to be Black and White. Is there an easy way to prevent the fax from auto printing and eharp only printing when the individual logs in?


You can create several different authority groups depending on how much control you need over the users. Excellent — thank you so much that worked a treat!. I had follow the instruction written, but it still can print out directly without entering user number.

Follow along with the video on this page! Pls, can u be of help to me? How does it affect users with not blank user number when i remove it?

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Now the function is working properly. Why is our printer at my office cant print from thumb drive? But i have a question. You can have an administrator periodically check the file and distribute them to the correct department.

The numbers are hidden characters like a password on your computer. At any one time, we may only have 10 or 20 to track. At least the workaround only takes a shzrp seconds. Why are those files not making it to the printer for some users?

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Is there an option that when Sally gets there she can type in a user name shadp password and begin her print job? Is there a way I can print the names and user numbers in a report. The instructions on this page should help you through that process!

Any clue on this? When I set up my user list which are my clientsit was alphabetical.

Hi there, I just found your blog and am hoping you can answer a question for me that no one else seems to be able to answer! You can create a general user and have the machine stay logged into it at all times.

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I have found some instructional links around on the internet but they seem to only go up to All using the same print driver and Windows 10 pro. Now when user opens a document in Word or any apps, it defaults as print in Black and White and if he want to print in color, he Has to make changes in preferences to print color. Can that be done. Yes, we did figure that out.

Sarp ideas whey this keeps happening? Here are instructions on how to setup inbound fax routing. Do you have any advise on setting the Sharp MXN up to login automatically to mono and then request a pin to go to colour mode. Is there a way of me to retrieve the document? And there is no button scan to HDD or similar like that. Hi, please, could you tell me if its possible to set up black print with blank user number and color with some user number.