There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The problem thought is that I do not use them often enough at home. By MichaelC on 6 May I never really need a battery driven drill driver as I’m never working too far away from mains power but I do need a variable clutch for when I’m putting in screws. But saying all of that, it conveniently has two speeds, feels quite light compared to all the cordless ones I was looking at, and of course its always ready to go!! There was a problem loading the comments at the moment. The Energy weighs 1.

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For most odd jobs around the house, Srill think this is an adequate enough piece of kit; I don’t think it is designed for very heavy-duty work. It was after I made approx 32 hole saw incisions into 5mm plastic to construct a special container for a tree that I noticed I couldn’t release the chuck.

Buy Corded Power Tools & Bosch Skil Corded Drill Driver Workshop Drill 6222 (1051) Online

Both speed settings have a handy trigger-controlled variable speed for a gentle start and full control while working. Skil 6222 energy corded drill navigation Newsletter Signup.

The long mains cable is also very useful. I like this drill, as a drill it works well and for screwdriving, it works brilliantly, so much easier than a cordless, its lighter and never runs out of charge. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Fantastic device compared to the puny chargeless things, only problem I had was that I nearly sprained by wrist when using it with my left-hand at an awkward angle and it fought back when the screw went home.


I’m going to give this full marks because I like it but I’m disappointed you don’t get a carry case or a single accessory with it. In addition it eliminates the energy losses associated with battery charging and use, thanks to the higher efficiency of tools powered directly from the mains supply.

I absolutely love this piece of kit and I really think it was silly not to have bought this machine earlier. The Energy weighs 1. Skil Energy Corded Drill Driver. I also tend to use the clutch when drilling pilot hole for screws etc. Just wanted to add that I’ve used this drill to remove some pretty hefty skil 6222 energy corded drill from my car, by using a buffing wheel and rubbing compound Skil 6222 energy corded drill.

It does not have a hammer action but I use it mainly for drilling wood, metal and screw driving.

Skil Energy Corded Drill-driver – Woodworking Crafts Magazine – ;

Just an illustration of how powerful it can be. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘rechargeable brigade’ when it comes to drills and power drivers, and many friends have complained that because this type of tool is not used “all of the time” then the batteries eergy very quickly and this is when they become expensive.

Alas, burnt out after a couple of years corder skil 6222 energy corded drill downgraded rating. I’m a woman with smallish wrists and my husband’s two-handled skil 6222 energy corded drill drill was getting a bit much for me. I also do a lot of DIY and I use to use battery cordwd at home.

Top Most recent Top. Yes, I think so and here are theirs and my reasons why. Good product but treat it gently and don’t allow to get hot.


Found this type of wrench to be so useful, bought the smaller sized one too, called ‘BabyBoa’. I purchased this Skil Power Driver because I am sick to death of reaching for my battery operated drills only to find the batteries are flat and they will drull longer hold a charge, I have purchased two battery operated drills in the past 2 years and both drills have batteries that last several months before no longer holding a charge! By Mark on 22 July Well within the guarantee, so all should be well.

I bought it on the strength of the other reviewers comments, skil 6222 energy corded drill lead, no flat batteries etc. The drill was delivered promptly. While it was away, I realised I could have skil 6222 energy corded drill the chuck myself with a ‘Strap Wrench’. This email address is being protected from spambots.

There erill a nylon gear between the motor unit and the gearbox that melts and looses skil 6222 energy corded drill if the motor gets too hot. Anthony Bailey has a look at this corded a look at this corded drill-driver from Skil Gallery The Skil corded drill-driver in action.

It looks and feels like a typical cordless drill, so has operator familiarity.

If you need to put a hole through a brick wall for pipework etc this isn’t the drill to use, sskil this isn’t what it’s intended for. Could not believe the results, pure magic, highly recommend it.