When i load a hex file the software gives me three options: I have had a couple of reports that the “fix” doesn’t work, but I will leave the file here just in case it is useful to anyone. March 25, at August 3, at 6: Also there is an interesting feature called logic searcher. In this case the operations like Blank,Write,Verify where you have placed tick topwin6 in the operation window, takes place automatically. Generally program verify occurs while Hex file is corrupted.

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TOP / Topwin6 settings for EPROMs | CMI

The default during installation is C: I already disable Device driver signature enforcement. July 5, at 9: Now click the placement tag to see how to place the IC in the holder. Depending on which ebay shop you use, you may find some discrepancies in the advertised specifications!

September 14, at 6: The red led glows indicating power is ON to the programmer. PIC16F84 is topwwin6 and may be defective ones available in market. March 27, at 1: Before clicking the Run button check for the tick topwni6 under Run tag.


PIC16F84 is obsolete and may be defective ones available in market. Now double click the Topwin icon on your desktop to start the program. The data in the buffer is written to your new chip. July 4, at Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I installed virtual box 32bit XP and programmer is working.

If you hover the mouse over any iconthe respective function is displayed as tooltip.

WL Top3100 Universal Programmer topwin6 MCU PIC AVR 51 EEPROM

topwi6n I bought one of these from China off ebay. Again, if you can wade through the Chinglish manual, it seems to recommend a write speed of ms. January 31, at 6: January 7, at Follow this link which is similar to the one you needed.

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I had not realised it, but under the Config Tab, there is a setting called ” Delay “, I take this to be the delay between the programmer writing to consecutive addresses, it was originally set as us. If you need to do this, you might have a setting in your computers BIOS to change the usb to 1. From what i can tell it is on old versions of the top I have read you need to slow down usb speed. March 30, at 8: Blog Stats 1, hits Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


According to this diagramyou have to the place the IC in the holder. My next thought was that since the device did look like it had started to write the program – getting as far as h, I started to wonder if there was some sort of topwun6 overflow or write speed issue at work.

Dear Sir, Did you mean that by selecting the microchip pic 16f84A in topwin6 i can program pic 16f If you hover the topwin6 over any iconthe topwin6 function is displayed as tooltip.

You can leave it for default FF. I already got it working.