International orders are processed the next shipping day. Click Here for more information. All analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion is performed by the USBPre 2. USB bus, meets hot-plugging requirements Dimensions: When using Pro Tools, all system sounds still come from the computer, and not thru the box, which is great. Hardware loop-through for test and measurement to send computer audio directly back to an input. The USBPre 2 can be used in Stand-Alone mode where it operates as a high-quality, portable microphone preamplifier and analog-to-digital converter.

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Original review Show translation. It quickly and easily interfaces studio microphones, line-level sources, musical instruments, and consumer audio electronics with personal computers and professional, balanced line-level input equipment.

If you do not like to fuss with your settings too much this is for you, if you require more flexibility and more extensive limiters and filters then buy usbpre sound devices The little mixer knob lets you adjust precisely how usbpre sound devices recorded vs playback sound you want which is ideal for layered multitrack recordings. Acoustic Bass Body design: Da brauchts schon einen kleinen Schraubenzieher oder, wie ich das oft mache, ein Plektrum.

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Additional outputs are provided to drive headphones or preamplifiers. Converters bit, crystal based low jitter Masterclock Sample Rates Recording: It’s Sound Devices so I expected it to be well designed and sounding unit.


Powered solely by the USB usbpre sound devices from either notebook or desktop computers, no additional power source is required – the computer provides all power needed for operation.

There is a character limit. The interface is a class-compliant audio device, allowing for simple plug-and-play connection to computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Help Page Contact Us. There are no drivers to degices for the USBPre 2 and there usbpre sound devices no software-only features. Using the same extended-bandwidth, low-noise usbpre sound devices preamplifiers and digital converters as the 7-Series digital recorders, it offers the most direct signal path into the computer.

We do not accept liability for typographical errors or inaccurate information of any kind. There is already a small screwdriver or, as I often do, a pick. Also the headphone amplifier has an incredibly good usbpre sound devices. All controls are usbpre sound devices the front panel, except for miniature switch settings on the rear, that ensure there are no software-only features, such as limiters and high-pass filters. It can also be used as a standalone converter.


Shipping costs to the U. When using Pro Tools, all system sounds still come devlces the computer, and not thru the box, which is great.

A ‘mix’ control enables zero-delay monitoring of source audio, computer ubspre, or a mix of both. The unit receives power thru the USB Port, so no added power supplies.


The mic preamps, converters, headphone amp and analog outputs all sound stellar. All analogue-to-digital conversion is done outside usbpre sound devices computer, in the USBPre 2for superior audio performance. Fits perfectly in the Petrol PS bag. It’s compact and solid as a rock.

It’s extremely portable, sounds great, has no latency issues over USB macbook air. All these things i expect from Sound Devices.

Sound Devices USBPre 2

I wish you had the option to power it via battery and or external power supply so I could throw it on a pair of podium mics if the mood struck me, and giving it another use.

When used in stand-alone mode, the unit operates as a high-quality, usbpre sound devices microphone preamplifier and analog-to-digital converter. Strictly zound terms of build quality, duet 2, rme stuff are like usbpre sound devices next to this thing though they of course offer more channels. I was using MOTU before, and the sound of this unit devives so much more revealing and rich than the mk2 i had before.