It’s salted, the server recognizes this token and then allows you in. As much information we provide to each other we may find out the source of the problem. However I think that HSheild needs to be removed from the game itself. More topics from this board This has to stop. I’ll let you guys know if it works. It didn’t want to verify before then, but after that it did and it started working.

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MaridStormbreak MaridStormbreak Topic Creator 7 years ago 5 You wanna tell me how to fix this instead of standing there looking smug? Boards Vindictus Stupid freakin’ Hackshield No errors no nothing. Last Drivers USB 3.

I get the splash screen, a little Hackshield window on the bottom right which presumably is updating the client and then a flicker on the main window of a green Archeage graphic.

That is the the first step for hacking your game modifying the base etart I did everything and it has to be on their end. I think I’m going to go fold some laundry. Submit a new link. And guess what Hackshield does not detect this nude patch! If you found the solution, can you let us know?

Stupid freakin’ Hackshield – Vindictus Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

There’s literally no way to avoid storing this unless you want the client to instead store your username and password in plaintext to send to the server with every new connection. Right after doing that, I clicked the play button and loaded in, no problem.

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Please avoid shortening links so people actually see what you say, and to save us the trouble of removing your post from the spam filter. Third beta on a game that is live elsewhere in the world shouldn’t be having these problems. Second, guys mention in your post what you’ve done to try get it to work. The promo themes were much better, how come their not in the game then!!

hackshield cannot start driver

If you properly make a password, then password crackers will take forever to guess a password. No luck same hackshield problem.

For about a year and a half now, Nexon has required you to input a secondary pin, which is again probably hashed then sent to checked against the hash on a server.

So without further ado, lets get this formal review on the road. I assume you don’t use internet explorer viindictus you don’t have down syndrome. I don’t think devs read this forum tho. Open Hacckshield Explorer and click the gear at the top right.

Error – “Cannot connect to the server” (HackShield) :: Vindictus General Discussions

Disabling anti-virus works, or using a less invasive anti-virus. Yeah, a long time is an understatement haha. After a bit trying around stopping my antivirus did the trick as it did for some others appearantly: I have been playing in the hackshieeld for weeks with no problems until the other day when it just stoped working for me and hanging up on the splash screen.


This announcement was made hsckshield days after Nexon confirmed knowledge of the flaw and should have included a cautionary footnote.

I’ve completely reinstalled the game, updated IE per the suggestion in this thread, turn off services, update HS, etc.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

Yea one day to play with everyone on the beta server. Then I gave them time to fix this nonsense for the official release. GUI needs a bit of work – the map takes up too much room! Glad to hear of alot of these possible fixes.

I do not understand why XL Games and Trion Wolrds tolerate this low quality of service delivered by Hackshield at all. They responded hackshieod you’ve already tried and know just to buy time